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Published Microstock

As a microstock photographer, the ultimate proof of your work is to discover one of your images in a published work. However many sales you may be getting, there is no substitute to knowing where even one of them actually got used.


Here are  a few select examples of where we have seen our photos in use:-

My first ever published photograph! Taken for a local game park for an advert in the newspaper. Circa 1983.

Center Spread of a blacked backed jackal for the Getaway Magazine

Photo of pretty waitress for a coffee shop in Berlin, Germany

Kudu antelope at Sunset image used for the cover of a calendar

Goat Image for Radio.com

Blue Duiker to Illustrate Magazine Article

Picture of dung beetles used on a website

Cute Baby Elephant for Center Spread of the Animal Talk magazine

Picture of a wedding cake used on a website

Photo of Lady Golfer on the Flatbooster website

Image of Waterbuck on the cover of Bowhunter Magazine

Smiling Zebra in the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KiDS.

Brown Horse on Vet Sign Board

Broken Piggy Bank on Research Access Web Site

Warehouse with blazing  fire for Crisis Response web site

Large African Elephant for the Center Spread of a Magazine

Photo of Firemen to Illustrate Aluminum Factory Fire

Meerkats for Ask Polly site

Aerial Photo of Stadium and Lake for NMB Aquatics

Locomotive Wheels for LinkedIn

Image of herd of Elephants in Addo Elephant National Park for Mach Urlaub

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