July 2018 - YS Falls, Jamaica - Four Oaks Photography

The magnificent YS Falls, which opened in 1992,  is located on the south side of Jamaica in the parish of St. Elizabeth.

The beautiful seven-tiered waterfall is surrounded by lush gardens and impressive trees. Many people say YS Falls is one of the most beautiful sights they have ever seen. 

Don't miss a visit to this stunning natural attraction when in Jamaica!  

New open style bus at the front and old style tractor and jitney at the back

After arriving at the main entrance visitors board a bus or a jitney.  A 10-minute  drive will take you up to the base of the falls. The scenery on the way up is absolutely beautiful with green fields, horses and then the river itself.

From here the fun really starts as you explore on foot.

Swimming Pool fed by Spring Water

The waterfall feeds natural pools which are fed by underground and above ground springs.  These pools are situated before the start of the falls. They are a great option and more suitable for children and the elderly.

Walkway to the Falls

Wooden walkways are provided which allow easy access to the different sections of the falls. Expect to get somewhat damp and muddy even if you choose not to swim.  And be aware that there will probably be pesky mosquitoes!  Apply a good insect repellent if possible.

Lower Tiers of the Falls

Scenic waterfalls and lush vegetation in Jamaica

Some areas are fairly rocky and do not allow swimming. Lifeguards are always on duty and will indicate which areas are safe for swimming.  The Lifeguards will also assist with waterfall jumping and rope swinging!

The friendly Lifeguards are only too willing help take your picture as you leap off the top of a cascade to plunge into the inviting pool below.

A View of the Middle Cascades

Scenic waterfalls and lrd flower in Jamaica

Most pools below each cascade offer invigorating swimming in the cool water.  The sound of rushing water cascading over the rocks adds to the wonderful setting.

Note that rainy months are May and October – sections of the falls may not be entirely safe and there may be a suspension of swimming in some areas.  

The Upper Cascade

The Falls offer excellent photo opportunities.  Experiment with slow shutter speeds and tripod if you are a photographer.

Another View of One of the Cascades

Scenic waterfalls and lush vegetation in Jamaica

Depending on recent rainfalls the falls can change dramatically.  From raging brown water to calm turquoise water and everything in-between.

The Picnic and Pool Area

Bring snacks and refreshments.  Relax and enjoy another swim in the beautifully designed man-made swimming pool at the picnic area before finally boarding the bus to be taken back to the car park.

And in case you are wondering - the name YS apparently comes from the estates first two owners who were named John Yates and Colonel Richard Scott.

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