February 2015 - Chroma Key (Green Screen) Portraits - Four Oaks Photography

Chroma Key (or green screen photography) is a simple way of shooting a subject and then replacing the background from another image.

There are three main things to remember when shooting green screen:-

  - Light the green screen as evenly as possible and if using a cloth make sure that there are
    no wrinkles

  - Leave at least 2 metres between the subject and the green screen. This will help avoid
    "green" light spilling back onto the subject.

  - You will need software that can extract the subject (or remove the background). I use
     PhotoKey 6. It is intuitive and does an excellent job.

Click on the slide show below to see the effect a different background can make! Notice how even the strands of hair are perfectly extracted and seamlessly fit over the new background. The whole process of extracting and replacing the background takes about 3 mins or less in PhotoKey 6!!!

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