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Barbados 2018 - The little tropical island in the Caribbean

February 07, 2018

Barbados - a tiny island in the eastern Caribbean. Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the vast Atlantic ocean, it is truly remote.

Aqua blue warm sea, beautiful clean sandy beaches and a warm humid climate all add to the appeal of a tropical island paradise for holiday makers. The west coast sports luxurious hotels and calm seas. The east coast and especially the northern part of the island have a rugged but very beautiful coastline.

Humidity levels are very high on the island, so even on a relatively cool day of 25 degrees Celsius one can quickly work up a good sweat in just a few minutes.

(for an in depth visitors review we recommend Jess Millers' "best things to do in Barbados" guide.)

The Grantley Adams Airport is kept busy every day as tourists arrive in droves by passenger jet airplanes

A palm tree and beautiful aqua blue sea at Miami Beach on the southern coast

Barbados has a number of excellent golf courses. The Barbados Golf Course (below) is a championship course with excellently maintained greens and palm tree lined fairways.

Accra is another pristine beach on the west coast. Lovely textured sand and gentle waves make it an ideal swimming spot.

Spectacular cliffs and rough seas are found at the northern tip of the island. This is where the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean meet. There is also a fascinating cave situated here with special sea anenomes. These anenomes, which look like flowers, are living creatures hence the name Animal Flower Cave. But visitors beware - the roads in Barbados are generally in a shocking state and it generally takes much longer to reach a destination than expected.

Many old ruined dwellings can be found on the island. Most of them are relics from the colonial days when the sugar cane industry was established. The most famous ruin is Sam Lord's Castle but that is another story.....

Another stunning Barbados sunset

A chalet type house propped up with bricks and blocks

Another chatel type house with a more permanent foundation

Bridgetown is the capital and is always very active with numerous activities. Colorful lights illuminate the archway bridge in the middle of the city.

Cotton Bay on the south of the island is a popular spot for surfers

Foul Bay on the east coast has nothing foul about it! The name comes from when the bay was used as a fishing hub and the smell of rotting fish was overpowering. Now it is a pristine beach although the sea can be a little rough for swimming at times.

Bajans love the festive season and enjoy lights and decorations. Every inch of this house seems to be lit up with colorful lights to create a fantasy look

Bathsheba Beach has unique rock formations as well as a quirky little building on top of the rocks. The ruined building seemed to be a change room for bathers in its day.

Rugged Rocks on the Atlantic side of the island has some spectacular views of the ocean.

Gorgeous sunsets are almost guaranteed at Miami Beach

Tourism is a major industry for Barbados. However, sugarcane still plays a vital role in the economy of the country. Here workers chop sugarcane into small sections. These will be sown in a new field and each section will grow into a new plant.

Good bye Barbados!!!

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