June 2015 - Aerial Shoot - Port Elizabeth - Four Oaks Photography

Aerial Shoot - Port Elizabeth - June 2015

May 08, 2015

It is a long time ago that I last flew in a light aircraft. So to be commissioned to take aerial photographs of a property in Port Elizabeth was really exciting.

The arrangements were made with Mr John Huddlestone (aircraft owner) and Mr Mitchell Hill (pilot) and we were all set.

We decided on using the Skyranger (see http://helicoptercharter.co.za/skyranger/ ) due to it's slow speed as well as the ability to remove the door.

The weather prediction was accurate (for once) and we had a beautiful calm day.

The two Seat Skyranger with Owner and Pilot. John Huddlestone (L) and Mitchell Hill (R)

After completing the commissioned shoot we flew out to Swartkops River Mouth and then back along the coast to Cape Recife. From there we flew over the Soccer Stadium and a few other landmarks before heading back to the airport.

Some sample images:

Settlers Park and the Baakens River

Cape Recife Lighthouse

Cape Recife Coastline and Lighthouse, South Africa

The World Cup Soccer Stadium

Arial View of Soccer Stadium and Lake
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