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Published Microstock

As a microstock photographer, the ultimate proof of your work is to discover one of your images in a published work. However many sales you may be getting, there is no substitute to knowing where even one of them actually got used.


Here are some examples of where we have seen our photos in use:-



My first ever published photograph!  Taken for a local game park for an advert in the newspaper. Circa 1983.



Photo of pretty waitress for a coffee shop in Berlin, Germany



Jackal image for two page spread article in the Getaway Magazine



Center spread of Animal Talk Magazine



Image of Waterbuck on the cover of Bowhunter Magazine



Knysna Turaco image for April 2006 calendar pageKnysna Turaco image for April 2006 calendar page

Knysna Turaco image for April 2016 calendar page



Zebra on Post Card of United Nations Postal Administration


Vehicle Sales



























Photo of new cars on Sales News web site


Car traveling at high speedImage of car on open road for KimKomando web site
















Image of motor vehicle traveling on an open road


Photo of a Caracal on the Desert Animals website



Photo of Lady Golfer on the Flatbooster website



Picture of Hens on the Agrar Heute website



Lady with Globe - Advert in the Mango Airlines Magazine



Picture of water used on a website



Picture of a riot situation used on a website



DJ's photo on the front page of the The Herald weekend supplement, TGIF















Picture of an accident scene used on the website Examiner.com



Picture of dung beetles used on a website












Picture of billiards used on a website



Image used for the cover of a calendar



Photo (left) of a couple on a website



Flu Photo on dailyRx website














Picture of a cricketer on a sports website



Picture of dolphins jumping used for a calendar











Picture of an elephant used on a website















Picture of a bontebok used on the Encyclopaedia Britannica website



Picture used for an Etana advert in a magazine












Conceptual picture for gossip used on a website



Picture of an impala used on a website

























Picture of Pier used to illustrate the Portfolio Collection booklet



Picture of pretty woman used on the cover of the Puzzles magazine













Picture of rhinos used on a website


Picture of a weaver bird used on scienceticker.info















Picture of a wedding cake used on a website























Picture of a bontebok used in the Wildlife Ranching magazine



Woman (2nd from right) used on the Oak-Net website