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Fotolia started in January 2005 and have been making great strides ever since. It would appear that they are targeting the European market and it seems to be bringing them success.

They have approximately 4 million images online as at August 2008.

Becoming a contributor

Joining Fotolia is free and there is no approval process except to take a simple photographers test. The minimum image size you can submit is 2 mega-pixel. As always, the bigger the image the better.

Using Fotolia

Fotolia are fairly particular about which images they accept. People photographs seem to do very well on this site.


Depending on the size of the image purchased, photographers can earn between $0,35 and $2,10. An extended license sale can earn as much as $20, and maybe more.

Earnings are average compared to other sites but remain fairly steady each month.

My best month thus far was $61,75 in July 2008 with approximately 460 images online.

Four Oaks Online site rating



March 2010: This month was my best month from Fotolia, with earnings of $165. We currently have approximately 2400 images online now. Our sales at Fotolia have slowly but steadily grown and it seems to be a very solid and worthwhile site to contribute to.

March 2012: My best month now at Fotolia was February 2012, with earnings of $189 from approximately 3800 images in the portfolio. Fotolia now have 16 million images online.