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BigStockPhoto are a relative newcomer, only starting late in 2004. Never the less they are making their presence felt in the market place, and they now have over 2 million images online.

Becoming a Contributor

Joining BigStockPhoto is free and there is no approval process except to take a simple photographers' test.

Using BigStockPhoto

BigStockPhoto are not as particular as some of the other sites when it comes to image quality. Remember however, that a high quality image will always out perform a low quality image in terms of sales unless the subject matter is truly unique.

Minimum image size must be 800 pixels either vertically or horizontally. The bigger the image the better.


You will earn between $0,50 and $3,00 per download, depending on the size of the photograph purchased. An extended license sale can earn you as much as $60.

Earnings are slow compared to other sites but remain steady each month.

My best month thus far was $23,00 in May 2008 with approximately 500 images online.

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March 2010: Bigstock was bought out by Shutterstock toward the end of 2009. The site has also been revamped to a more modern look, but otherwise it is running unchanged. Sales don't seem to have been affected. My best month so far was May 2009 when I earned $44.00 with about 1400 images in the portfolio.

March 2012: My best month so far was November 2011, with earnings of $91 from approximately 3400 images in my portfolio. Bigstock now have over 10 million images available.