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123rf are the last of the big seven in our opinion. They have over 2,8 million images online.

Becoming a contributor

Joining is free, but photographers must upload an initial ten images for approval. Once you have been approved on 123rf, there is no limit to the number of photos you can upload.

Using 123rf

123rf are the least particular of our profiled sites when it comes to image quality. This is perhaps to their detriment, especially if buyers perceive that they are selling images that are not quite up to the standards of the other microstock sites.

Your images must be a minimum size of 4 mega-pixel.

Uploading, categorising and keywording images on 123rf is simple and fairly quick.


You earn 50% of the credit sale price and $0,30 per subscription download. For an extended license sale, you can earn as much as $20.

Earnings are slow compared to other sites, and vary a lot from month to month.

My best month thus far was $28,70 in April 2008 with approximately 500 images online.

Four Oaks Online site rating



March 2010: This month was my best month, with earnings of $42.63 from approximately 2400 images in the portfolio. February 2010 saw a complete redesign of the site. It now has a more sophisticated and modern look. We will have to see what effect this will have on sales.